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5 Helpful Merchandising Tips for your Pop-Up

Parasol Projects’ Visual Merchandising Guide

Whether you’re new to this pop-up game or a veteran looking for a fresh approach you’ve come to the right place. We’ve nailed down our top tips to really make your pop-up authentic to you and your brand.

"Get On Top" Pop-Up with Sustain Natural
“Get On Top” Pop-Up with Sustain Natural at 208 Bowery

Tip #1:Branding

If you are an established name for your brand you’re already halfway there. Giving yourself a name and building from there to establish a theme for your pop-up is essential. The name of your new collection or perhaps the assortment of art pieces you wish to unveil to the world can be the core of this pop-up name. A quick and easy trick is to use the season your in during the time of the event to develop this theme name. Many fashion and retail brands who release new collections seasonally use this model and further expand off their existing brand to tell a solid pop-up story.

stay cool nyc 208 bowery pop up
Stay Cool Summer Pop-Up at 208 Bowery

Tip #2: Telling a story

Once you nail down your theme it’s time to start thinking out of the box. How can you take this big concept and translate it into something your customers can easily digest without it being obnoxious. Think Spring without the overpopulation of flowers, pastels, and Easter bunnies, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking”. Using these immutable words of the iconic fictitious character Miranda Priestly, remember to remain fresh and new while maintaining a level of brand authenticity.

Stoffa Pop-Up 208 Bowery
Stoffa Pop-Up at 208 Bowery

Tip #3: Do what you do best

Whether you’re bold or minimalist, use what you have to your advantage and exploit it. Now bold doesn’t mean glaring red signage and minimalist doesn’t mean having zero functional furniture in your space, but rather taking what you and your brand or artistry does best and using it to your advantage. Dolce and Gabbana it’s known for its regal and ornate aesthetic. The brand creates pieces reminiscent of the garb worn by English monarchs and all the extravagance of the Baroque period. Their window displays have become a staple to any D&G boutique as they themselves are their own works of art that expand on their already beautifully crafted fashion pieces. One of our favorite trunk show brands, Stoffa is a minimalistic and muted apparel company that used their simple double slashed white logo and placed it across the front window of their pop-up space. Clean while being peculiar to passerbyers, this drew new clients who were enamored by the unclear message of what the shop really was. Curiosity goes a long way.

Fitchwork: The Superpattern Pop-Up
Fitchwork: The Superpattern Pop-Up at 2 Rivington

Tip #4: Tell people who you are

The worst thing could be drawing new clientele to your space who depart after enjoying this experience you’ve cultivated, only to store you in their forgettable memory bank. The goal is to always have a lasting impression that leaves tet person who happened to stumble into your pop-up wanting to follow you on Instagram, seek out your website, return to your location and hopefully tell their friends. Exposure is truly how brands survive in this media-dominated world so be sure to name yourself, offer your social media handles using signage, provide business cards,  and engage with customers verbally telling them about yourself and your brand. Whatever you do be sure that clients know that this is something to remember, turning a pedestrian to a follower, (yes on Instagram too).

Fiorucci Pop-up
Fiorucci Pop-Up at 208 Bowery

Tip #5: Product Merchandising

Organize by group: This can be color, silhouette, price, theme, style, and anything really. Develop your own system that works best for you based on the products your selling and get to grouping. Feel free to get creative and group random objects that carry a cohesive color scheme.

Using the infamous rule of 3: Displaying items can be trickier than you imagine. As humans tend to respond to things that visually come in threes and repetitions of it, its best to stick to this rule when setting up a display as it’s easy on the eyes and digestible to the masses.

Creating an alternate reality: When it comes to building an experience for consumers you want to be sure to create a space that makes them visualize themselves in or owning the product. This practice humanizes the experience targeting the consumer in a very organic way that’s simply identifying with our human nature.


When trying all these tips together, never forget the bigger picture, how the pop-up look as a whole. Take a step back and enter the space with fresh eyes as any customer would. It’s the big picture that draws them in but the small slight nuances that really keep them intrigued and help you maintain your brand’s integrity.

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