MARCH 2, 2019 to
MARCH 3, 2019
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Interstice 夾縫

Parasol Projects @ 213 Bowery

Interstice 夾縫 @ 213 Bowery
March 2 – 3, 2019  |  12 pm – 8 pm
Opening Event: March 3, 2019  |  6 – 8 pm

These new experiences include: the balance between women’s autonomy and patriarchal society, their own inner thoughts and social expectations; Western thinking modes and Eastern thinking, differences between outsiders and the original environment, conflicts between races and people; personal inner feelings of Existentialism and external consumerism. Everyone is in the middle of the gap, and they are equally looking for directions. People always find their way from the cracks, and they have struggled to survive and develop from generation to generation.

Works by:
Alina Deng  |  Catherine Lan  |  Chi Fei (Flora) Chen  |  Eona Jiawei Gao 
Po Chun Lin  |  Shuju Lin  |  Te Sian Shih  |  Wei Tao
Xinyi Wang  |  Yijia Zhao  |  Yijun Wang  |  YingWan Su

Curated by Catherine Lan


Contact info:
IG: @___interstice___