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MARCH 17, 2019
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Gus Leunig & Nat Anderson: WONDER

Parasol Projects @ 171 Elizabeth St

Gus Leunig & Nat Anderson: WONDER @ 171 Elizabeth
March 12 – 17, 2019  |  11 am – 8 pm
Opening Reception: March 14th  |  6:30 pm – 9 pm
Artist Talk: March 16th  |  12 pm (RSVP required)

Introducing WONDER, a Dual Exhibition by Australian painters Gus Leunig and Nat Anderson, presented by Van Rensburg Galleries.

Two painters, each deeply in touch with the natural environment, take a unique approach to revealing the wonder of the ambient landscapes in which they live, and in turn reveal their own visions of beauty. From brooding melancholy and shimmering light to vibrant playfulness, both bodies of work share a vibrating dynamism that the artists have encountered, understood, and revealed in tehri own unique way.


Painter Gus Leunig captures the colourful, chaotic and rich meanderings that characterise his interaction with the Australian bush. Living in Avenel, Victoria, close to the Goulburn River, and informed by the duelling influences of studies undertaken with indigenous artists at the Lockhart River Arts community, and the childlike curiosity of his young children, Leunig renders intricate “maps” of the bush experience, bursting with life. Creatures emerge from and recede into a richly textured landscape, as your eye is drawn along journeys, tracks and pathways embedded in each work.


Nat Anderson’s work is steeped in the brooding colours that emerge from the interaction of sea, land and sky. Horizons bob above and below surging waves, alive with glints of shimmering light. Inspired by the interplay of light between the Great Southern Ocean and the expansive sky, moments are captured, with each image steeped in the energy and movement of these ephemeral planes of experience, their permanence and constant variation converging in moments of beauty.

More detail on the collection is available on request.

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